REGGA: sealing has never been so easy

The use of a silicone or acrylic sealant is an indispensable part of a finished look of any room. A smooth application of either sealant means a perfect final look and reflects a well performed job.

However, working with silicone or acrylic sealants can be challenging, as it is difficult to fully control the amount of extruded sealant and hard to assure a smooth look. At the same time, we extrude significantly more material than needed to fill the gap and impurities are often introduced into it. On top of that, many times we come across hard-to-reach places and corners.

REGGA is the solution to all these issues, as it allows a completely clean and level application of sealant into the gap. It can be used on its own to smooth out hard-to-reach areas, or it can be attached to the sleeve of the sealant tube. Using REGGA, we have complete control over the amount of extruded sealant and over the final appearance.

In order to completely solve the issue of gaps of all sizes and the final appearance of the gap, we have created several dimensions separated by colour.