REGGA: sealing has never been so easy

What is REGGA?

REGGA is the solution to the problem of an even and smooth sealant application. It is a smoothing nozzle which is used as an indispensable middle part between the sleeve of the sealant tube and the gap which needs filling.

REGGA is a high-quality and technically sublime product which controls the quantity of sealant extrusion, helps with the application and smooths it out completely.

To ensure an even coat of both he silicone and acrylic sealant, we have developed two different kinds of REGGA smoothing nozzle: REGGA SILIKON and REGGA AKRIL The use is simple for both types of nozzles and can be done in two ways:

Attach REGGA directly onto the sleeve of the sealant tube, place on the gap and begin with sealant application at an angle of 45°.
When filling hard-to-reach areas, use REGGA without attaching it to the sealant tube as an independent tool to smooth out the applied sealant.

Since tile gaps vary in size, there are various dimensions available. They are easily recognized by color.

REGGA SILIKON creating flat corner joints

REGGA silikon, 0-1mm, flat
REGGA silikon, 3mm, flat
REGGA silikon, 5mm, flat
REGGA silikon, 8mm, flat

REGGA SILIKON creating concave corner joins

REGGA silikon, 3mm, concave
REGGA silikon, 5mm, concave
REGGA silikon, 8mm, concave

REGGA AKRIL creating concave sealant finish

REGGA akril, 3mm, concave
REGGA akril, 5mm, concave
REGGA akril, 8mm, concave